Maybe it's Me: Get inside Molly's head
Rick Stage
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I think Andrew Walker might be Rick's lost twin

     Andrew W. Walker was born on June 9, 1979 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He began acting in an elementary school drama program, and started getting professional roles at the age of 14. He starred in the Canadian TV series "Student Bodies", but he had hopes of earning a football scholarship to an U.S. school. However, an injury stopped his plans and he shifted his focus back to acting. He moved to L.A. and got his role on 'Maybe It's Me'. He spends his free time hiking, white-water canoeing, swimming, playing soccer, football and rugby.

There's a sensible man under that bad boy costume

     Andrew W. Walker is Rick Stage, Mary and Jerry's oldest son. He is a 'bad boy', a little self-centered and good looking. The police is always behind him, he usually gets into lots of trouble.

Riiiiick! I need the phone!

Nice smile...

Looking good Rick