Maybe it's Me: Get inside Molly's head
Episode Guide
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Why is everyone in my family crazy?

1. The Pilot Episode  

     Molly Stage's coming of age plays out in a house crammed with odd knick-knacks and even odder people.

2. The "Hair" Episode

     Mary and Jerry are planning to appear in a local theater production, "Hair". Imagine how ashame Molly must feel.

3. The Cheerleader Episode 

     Molly decides to join the cheerleaders to be closer to Nick, but she is also on the Chess Club, she can't be in two places at the same time and she has to choose between Cheerleading or Chess.

4. The Halloween Episode     

     Molly is depressed because she lost Nick and she tries to look for help in her family members, but everyone is busy, Jerry is decorating the house, Mary tries to save money on candy by making her own taffy and Rick is worried about losing his hair. Who will help her to go through such a milestone?

5. The Birthday Episode    

     Is Molly's 16th birthday and her family decides to take her to a restaurant. Unluckily, some cool guys are also in that same restaurant and as everyone knows her family acts in their peculiar and weird way.

6. The Magic Cd Episode

     Molly found a Cd at school, this Cd has an excelent mix of love songs and she wants to find out who mix it. Meanwhile, Mary is angry with Jerry and Grandma Harriet meets a mime and develops interest in the art.

Note: Ellen Albertini Dow (Grandma Harriet) is a mime.

7. The Mini-Jerry Episode     

     Jerry sets Molly up with a boy name Jerry, he acts just like Jerry Stage, but Molly has her heart set on a new student from England. Grandma Harriet asks Grant to teach her to play the guitar and Rick has money problems.

8. The Exchange-Student Episode     

     Jerry decides to accept an exchange student from Brazil after learning that the girl plays soccer. Molly is angry because she can't go on a date with Nick because it's scheduled for the same night as Cindy and Mindy's piano recital.

9. The Lunch Lady Episode

     Mary is feeling sad, depressed and blue, Molly suggests her to get a job. Mary follows her advice and gets a job, but what Molly didn't knew was that her mother got the job as a lunch lady on her school.

10. The Romeo & Juliet Episode

     Molly wants to buy a pair of boots, since she has no money she takes a part-time job at her dad's office. On Jerry's office she meets the boy of her dreams, Lance, but then discovers that he is a Montague, son of Jerry's rival. Rick and Grant fight over a Salesgirl.

11. The Snow Day Episode

     Grant and Molly clean the attic during a day off from school and accidentally spill paint on Mary's wedding dress. Rick has to baby-sit Cindy and Mindy and is forced to participate in their tea party. Grandma makes the family with snow.

12. The Dutch Heritage Episode

     Molly has a chance to compete for a Dutch heritage scholarship, but what she didn't knew was that her family isn't Dutch at all. Grant is having trouble to sleep because he's having romantic dreams with Mia.

13. The Fever Episode     

     Jerry wants to build a boat with everyones help, but then is Rick who has the whole responsability of building it. Molly is dating an English guy. What would the English guy do if he sees the boat?

14. The Wedding and a Funeral Episode

     Grandma Harriet asks the family to make a funeral for her. She wants Tillie, her niece, to come to the funeral, but Tillie and Mary have a big problem because Mary won't forgive what Tillie did to her 22 years ago.

15. The Video Episode     

     Molly decides to run for the student-body president. She asks Grant if he could make a music video for her to announce her candidacy. Unfortunately, when everyone at school watch the video they think that it is Grant's candidacy announcement. He becomes popular and Molly gets mad at him. Now, the question is, who will win?

16. The Baby Episode     

     A baby is left on the Stage's front door, a note says that it is Rick's baby. Rick tries to find out who could the mother be, while Molly baby-sits the baby. Cindy and Mindy begin to feel jealous and try to act as cute as possible. Mary and Jerry feel like having another child. There's another problem, the baby can't see Grant, as soon as she sees him she begins to cry.

17. The Crazy-Girl Episode

     Molly discovers that there's another crazy family in town, the Finns. Cookie Finn is her soccer teammate. Cookie's little brother name is Mine. The Finns believe that "if you don't feel like it, you don't have to do it," a philosophy that includes allowing the kids to choose their own names.

18. The Lab Partner Episode

     Molly's new lab partner in chemistry class is Nick's current girlfriend, Lauren. After Nick dumps Lauren, Molly made friends with her because Molly helps her. Grandpa takes Grant and Rick fishing and the twins want to get the neighboor's "Gallstones". Jerry and Mary decide to celebrate their anniversary on a swing-club, but then they discover that it wasn't a dance group but a spouse-swapping place. While her parents are out Molly makes a party to please Lauren.

19. The Rick's in Love Episode

     Finally Rick's in love with a girl, Olivia Castle, he wants to change and he asks Molly to help him. Grant and her band are practicing at the house's garage and Jerry wants to be part of the band. Meanwhile Mary becomes obssesed with documenting Grandma's life and Grandma Harriet begins to say weird stories about knowing Pablo Picasso. Molly transforms Rick into "the perfect man" but the girl dumps him, because she likes "bad boys".

20. The Quahog Festival Episode

     Mary enters Molly into the town's yearly Quahog Festival Pageant, but Molly doesn't want to participate in until she hears someone insult Mary about her involvement in a previous competition. Jerry recruits Grant to help him build a float for the festival's parade. Grandma trains Rick into how to eat a lot of clams. Cindy and Mindy made a clamonade, that ends up as a clampagne, for a competition.

21. The Prom Episode (1)

     Cindy and Mindy discover a train railroad and the twins, Jerry, Mary and Grandma decide to dress-up in costumes to give tour to people, because their house is now considered an historical place. Rick discovers that he is the real owner of the Stage's home and he inadvertently loses the property in a pocker game. Molly discovers that Ben is the mixboy and she considers asking him to the prom. The problem is that the only way to get the house back is if Molly accepts to go with the gangster's, Tony DiRico, nerdy-look son, Forrest.

22. The Prom Episode (2)

     Molly agrees to go with Forrest DiRico to the Prom and Mia and Grant go to the Prom together. Rick meets a girl and invites her to the Prom, just when he is ready the twins played a trick on him. Mary and Jerry agree to be the Prom "Chaperones". Molly wants to be with Ben, but she has to be with Forrest. What would she do about it?