Maybe it's Me: Get inside Molly's head
Molly Stage
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Meet the girl that played Young Molly!

Yeah! It's me!

     Reagan Dale Neis was born on September 24, 1982 in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada and was raised in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. She is a good example of a dream come true, because ever since she was a little girl she wanted to perform. After graduating from high school, she moved to Los Angeles. While in line at an open call in Hollywood, she was spotted on the street by a talent manager who saw her star potential. She soon began auditioning and landed a guest-starring role on the Andy Dick comedy series "Go Fish". Currently she lives in Los Angeles and likes to sing, read, go to the movies and watch Tv.

Hey! Isn't that on the left Reagan Dale Neis?

     Reagan Dale Neis is Molly Stage. Molly is Jerry and Mary Stage's 16 years old daughter. She has two brothers, Rick and Grant, and two little sisters, Cindy and Mindy. There's also Grandma Harriet, Mary's mother, and Grandpa Fred, Jerry's father. They live in Wickettstown, Rhode Island. The Stages are no ordinary family and Molly feels like she is the only normal member in it. Her best friend is Mia. Since she was in Second grade she had been in love with Nick.