Maybe it's Me: Get inside Molly's head
Mindy and Cindy Stage
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Daniella and Deanna, a pair of angels

     Daniella and Deanna Canterman were born on December 2 in Camden, New Jersey, USA. They began acting in commercials prior to their third birthday. They had been in a few movies, "Autumn in New York" with Winona Ryder and Richard Gere, "Someone Like You" with Ashley Judd and Greg Kinnear and "Twin Set". Currently living in Los Angeles, when not working, the girls enjoy ballet, tap and jazz dancing, gymnastics, cheerleading competitions, soccer and softball.

Cindy and Mindy, a pair of demons

     Daniella and Deanna are Mindy and Cindy, better known as the Twins from hell. They are curious, mischevous and clever. Sometimes, to get what they want, they will behave as the sweetests girls on Earth.

The Canterman Twins