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Maybe it's Me: Get inside Molly's head
Which Maybe it's me character are you?
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Grab a piece of paper, a pen or pencil and write down your answers.

1. What kind of things do you like to read?
a. Magazines
b. Sports news
c. Books on how to save money
d. The Holy Bible
e. Something funny
f. Read? What are you talking about?

2. How would you describe yourself?
a. Normal
b. Sweet, pleasant
c. Funny, crazy
d. Talented, pasive
e. Mischevous
f. Hot

3. What's your favorite hobbie?
a. Hang out with my friends
b. Help others
c. Go shopping looking for discounts
d. Play an instrument
e. Play tricks on others
f. Looking for mates

4. What's your biggest dream?
a. Be popular
b. Be the best in whatever I do
c. Save as much money as possible
d. Be a star
e. Have all the toys in the world
f. Be the hottest human on Earth

5. You want to buy something, but you don't have enough money, what do you do?
a. Put it on Lay-Away
b. Work to gain money
c. Wait until it is 20% off
d. Ask my parents
e. Tease mom or dad until they buy it
f. Do something illegal to get it

6. What kind of music do you like?
a. Anything that is 'in'
b. Oldies
c. I like anything that makes me dance
d. Music with positive messages
e. Something good
f. Whatever makes me feel good

7. Do you play an instrument?
a. No
b. No, but will like to
c. No, but I can sing
d. Yes, guitar or any other similar instrument
e. Yes, piano or anything else
f. No, but for money I might

8. What's your greatest passion?
a. Show Business
b. Sports
c. Collect knick-knacks
d. Music
e. See people's reaction when you play a trick on them
f. The opposite sex

9. How do you feel towards your family?
a. They are crazy
b. I like to spend time with them
c. I love them
d. I thank God everyday
e. I like to bug them
f. They are ok

10. Which of this quotes suits you better?
a. "Nobody's perfect"
b. "I'll do whatever I can to help you"
c. "I got it in a garage sale"
d. "We are not separate from spirit, we are in it"
e. "Cool!"
f. "I am hot enough to attract more than one person at a time"

                                     If you got

This Personality Quiz couldn't have been possible without the help of my great friend, RRP. Thank you! =^_^=